Conservation, Peace & Security


Petrichor Africa provides services and solutions to the wildlife and conservation sector.

Through our capabilities and partnerships we offer a wide range of expertise, from training to aviation, logistics to risk management, intelligence to outreach. Our solutions are tailor-made, efficient, and ethical.

Petrichor Africa combines the flexibility, speed and efficiency of a private contractor with the tenets of a social business. A proportion of annual profits is redirected to support key partners or projects.

Crucially, we exist to support and enhance local or existing actors in this space. We make it happen - you take the glory.

Petrichor Africa is headquartered in Uganda with a focus on East Africa, but for specific needs can operate elsewhere on the continent via a network of trusted partners spanning all points of the compass.

When a government agency requires assistance with a specific operational need, we can help. When a private sector investor needs to vet their ranger force, we can help. When an NGO requires a contractor to take the headache out of training or logistics, we can help. Ultimately, if it exists within the wildlife space, we can help.

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The term “petrichor” was coined by scientists in the 1960s to describe the heady, earthy smell when rain falls on dry soil.

Petrichor is the essence of life. It is intoxicating. Inhale it deeply and it speaks to your soul of rejuvenation, new beginnings, and rebirth. Our love of petrichor is a genetic legacy passed down from our ancestors who relied on the rain for survival, just as communities and wildlife across Africa do today.

Even the word itself is rooted in ancient history and mythology. It’s derived from the Greek “petra”, meaning “stone”, and “ichor”, the ethereal blood that runs in the veins of the Gods. Petrichor is both firm and fluid, strong and supportive. The ying and yang of petrichor is an important foundation of our philosophy.

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In addition to our in-house capabilities, Petrichor Africa partners with specialist companies and consultants to deliver “best of breed” operational capabilities in the areas of management, security, training, legal, field operations, aviation, logistics and veterinary.

Many of these partnerships are exclusive to Petrichor and bring cutting edge solutions to the wildlife sector not available elsewhere.

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